Documentation on how you use Brightspace to present content to students.

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Accessibility and Accommodations

Teaching resources inside Brightspace to assist with accessible content.


Online discussions are a collaborative tool to facilitate communication and knowledge construction .


Grade Book - Represents all the work that you want to evaluate users on in a course. Grading System - Choose from Weighted, Formula, or Points systems. Grade Items - An Item is a column in the Grade Book. Grade Categories - A way to sort your grade items and create restrictions and conditions for grade items. Calculated Final Grade - The final grade calculated by the grade book. Cannot be adjusted. Adjusted Final Grade - The final grade calculated by the grade book but can be manually adjusted by the instructor.


The assessment feature in Brightspace is a helpful tool for providing online quizzes, surveys, and self-assessments.

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Pinned Article Activate Your Course (Make Available to Students)

Need to make your course active or available to students? Do you want your students to see they are enrolled in your course but not have access to it yet? This article will help guide you through the process.

Pinned Article Copy course content from one course to another in Brightspace

Copy content from one course to another in Brightspace.

Pinned Article Header Images in Modules

How to add a header image to a module inside a Brightspace course.

Pinned Article Import from Zip File to Brightspace

Moving content from a ZIP file created from Brightspace or an old Blackboard course, into a new course in Brightspace.

Pinned Article Respondus LockDown Browser in Brightspace

Respondus LockDown Browser® is a web browser that increases the security of online testing in the D2L Brightspace Learning Environment. When students are required to use Respondus LockDown Browser to access a quiz, they are unable to print, copy, go to another web site, or access other applications. Students can be locked into a quiz until it is submitted for grading. Setup is done through courses in D2L Brightspace.

Content: Types

The various types of content available in Brightspace.

Delete A Module or Topic in Brightspace

How to delete a module or topic in Brightspace.

Editing your course Navigation Bar

Your Brightspace course will have default tools available via the NavBar at the top of your course. Frequently used tools have been selected for you. You can change the tools on the NavBar, and create a NavBar link that goes to an external resource that may be used frequently in your course.

Groups: Creating A Group

How to build groups in Brightspace.

Groups: Creating Group Assignments

A brief tutorial walking through how to create a group assignment.

Groups: Grading Group Assignments

A brief tutorial that goes through the necessary steps to grade a group assignment.

How do I add someone to Brightspace?

All participants in a Brightspace course must have campus sponsored documentation to be added to the course.

Modules and Content

How to create a course module and add new or existing content to the module.

Private Discussions: Replaces Journals and Blogs

Now instructors can use the Brightspace Discussions tool for one-on-one, private journaling and blogs between instructor and individual student. In order to set up a Discussion for this, you’ll need to create single-user groups for student each. Then you will create a discussion for those single-user groups. The groups tool automates this process.

Removing Items From The Work To Do Widget

A brief tutorial walking through the steps to exclude courses from notifications.

Survey Creation in Brightspace

How to use surveys in Brightspace, for faculty and instructors.

Welcome Window in Brightspace

A tutorial on setting up, modifying and turning off the welcome window in Brightspace.