Header Images in Modules

Adding an Image to Brightspace Modules

Customizing your Brightspace course: individual modules

If you do not already have an image saved on your device, search for one, for example, a Google search on "Start Image"

  • Choose a copyright free image, Download or Save As an image onto your device
  • The Table of Contents on the course home will only show the top left portion of larger images (The recommended size for module images is 768 pixels x 400 pixels. If your image has different dimensions it will display fully in the module, but be cropped in the visual table of contents)

In your Brightspace Course, select Content from the navigation bar

Select Add Module in one of two places, Type in your title and select ENTER on your keyboard.

Add module

Select Add a Description

add a description

Type in or paste (CTRL V, Command V) in any Text needed, or select the Image icon

image icon

Adding an Image Select location of image, My Computer

My Computer

Drag and Drop or Upload for image, after uploading image, select ADD

Add Alternative Text or mark image as Decorative

Alt Text

Select OK

When you are finished editing, select Update




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