Welcome Window in Brightspace

The Welcome Window Widget displays a pop-up message the first time a user logs into a course. This message can include text, documents, images, and even short videos. The Welcome Window Widget is the perfect tool to welcome users, help orient them to the structure and navigation of the course, and set them up for success.

Use this widget when:

  1. Your learners are new to Brightspace, to provide an orientation to your learners. You can provide information about how your programs or courses work, where to find additional resources, and even how to navigate Brightspace.
  2. Your learners are new to your course, to set expectations for your learners’ performance in the course. Let them know about policies, assessments, opportunities, and requirements. Consider including a brief video introducing yourself.
  3. You have an important change or announcement you want users to know about. Creating a new page in the Welcome Window content relaunches the window on the learner’s next log in. This is a great way to ensure that learner know about important updates, like a change to an assessment.


Creating the Welcome Window Content

To create content for the Welcome Window widget, a module must be created and titled "Welcome". The Welcome Widget will not deploy until the module is named “Welcome.”  Once this has been done, a widget with a launch button will also be created on the homepage. It allows a user to open the pop-up window again, if they had previously dismissed it and would like to revisit the content.  

In the Navbar, select Content

When the content page opens, scroll down to the bottom of the left side menu and click the box that says Add A Module. Then enter the module name Welcome and hit enter.

The module has now been created. You will see it in the left side menu. You can drag it to the top if you prefer, by clicking on the 8 tiny dots and dragging up.

Now when you click on the module title in the menu on the left, on the right side of the page you can add to the module and modify it as needed. You will build the module as you would any other module. Add your syllabus, a link to purchase your textbook, a welcome video, a tutorial about how to navigate your Brightspace class, etc.


Modifying the Welcome Window Content

Any time you want to change the welcome window content you simple go to the content page from the NavBar and select the module. You can edit from here as you would any other module. 


Hiding the Welcome Window

To hide the welcome window and stop it from automatically popping up when users log in, simple click on Content, in the Navbar. 

Once this page opens, click on the Welcome Module in the left side menu.

Now you have two options to hide the module from here...

1. Click on the drop down menu next to the module title, and select hide from users.

2. You can also click on the eyeball icon on the right side of the page and it will turn into a toggle switch. You can then toggle off visibility so that it is hidden.



Deleting the Welcome Window

To delete the welcome window completely and remove the launch button from the welcome widget on the homepage, you will need to delete the Welcome module. To do this click on Content in the Navbar.

Once this page opens, click on the Welcome Module in the left side menu.

Click on the drop down menu next to the module title, and select Delete Module. This will remove it completely and will also remove the launch button from the welcome widget on your homepage. 


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