WEPA Printing for Students and Visitors

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Accessing Your Account

  • WEPA accounts are automatically established for all SUNY Cortland Students.
  • Faculty/Staff/Retirees can create an account at wepanow.com
  • To access your account from a WEPA kiosk, swipe your SUNY Cortland ID card.
  • To access your account from a computer go to: wepanow.com and login with SUNY Cortland email address.


Kiosks on Campus

SUNY Cortland has 12 WEPA kiosks on campus. Because WEPA is cloud based you can print your documents at any kiosk. Kiosks can be found in the following locations:

  • Bowers 126
  • Corey Union Hallway
  • Cornish Lounge/Vending Area
  • Memorial Library (3)
  • Moffett Vending Area
  • Old Main Cafe/Vending area
  • Park Center 2102
  • Professional Studies 1135 Hallway
  • Sperry 103 Vending Area
  • Dowd 1st Floor Vending Area
  • Student Life Center

Picture of WEPA station

Printing Costs

  • Black and White, single-sided $.09/page
  • Black and White double-sided $.17/total for both sides ($0.085/side) 
  • Color, single-sided $.35/page
  • Color, double-sided $.68/total for both sides ($0.34/side)

Adding Funds to Your Account

 To add money for printing login to your WEPA account (wepanow.com) using your cortland.edu email address, do not add money to your ASC card for printing.

Printing From Campus Computer Labs

Lab and library computer stations have print drivers already installed. Simply open the document you want to print, choose “File > Print” and select either WEPA COLOR or WEPA BW. Make sure to login with your cortland.edu email address or use the Net-ID button (bottom left) to sign into WEPA to send your print job using your account.

Printing From Your Own Computer

  • Login to wepanow.com using your cortland.edu email address and SUNY Cortland password
  • Select the “download print to cloud” button
  • Choose either the PC version or MAC version and click "Download"
  • Open the document on your computer
  • Choose “File > Print” and you will have the option of WEPA B/W or WEPA Color
  • Click Print

Printing From a USB Flash Drive

  • Walk up to any kiosk
  • Tap the USB button onscreen
  • Insert your USB flash drive
  • Tap your files
  • Tap the options you want
  • Tap payment method to print


Printing From a Mobile Device

You can send email and attachments to any WEPA kiosk, whether you are using an Apple iOS Device or Android device.


Even non-students can take advantage of the many perks of WEPA printing. Visitors and Departments may pick up a WEPA Cash Cards at The Help Center, available in $5 and $10.

WEPA Training Videos

Common Questions

Q:What if I do not use Debit or credit cards, how can I add funds to my WEPA account?

A: $5 and $10 WEPA print cards may be purchased at The Help Center.

Q: How long is my print job kept in the cloud?
A: All files in cloud are deleted after 24 hours.

Q: How do I get a refund or contact WEPA about my prints?
A: Contact WEPA: Phone number: 1-800-675-7639 or www.wepanow.com/contact

Q: Who do I contact if a printer isn't working?
A: Contact  The Help Center at ext. 2500 or THC@cortland.edu.

Q: Can I print without an account?
A: You can print directly from a USB Flash Drive at a kiosk with a credit card or a WEPA Print Card, which can be purchased at The Help Center.

Q: How do I register for WEPA?
A: Students accounts are automatically setup using their cortland.edu email address but anyone may register and sign up for a WEPA account at www.wepanow.com.

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