Private Discussions: Replaces Journals and Blogs

Private Discussions in Brightspace Replaces Journals and Blogs

Instructors can use the Brightspace Discussions tool for one-on-one, private journaling or Blogs between instructor and individual student. In order to set up a Discussion for this, you’ll need to create groups of one student each. Then you will create a discussion for those single-user groups. The groups tool automates this process 

Create Single User Groups

In your course, navigate to the Course Tools, select Groups


  1. Select New Category and give your category a name. (To easily distinguish between other multi-user groups when setting up discussion areas, use a specific, descriptive  category name such as “Private Journal” or similar.)
  2. Add a description if desired.
  3. Under Enrollment Type, choose “Single user, member-specific groups”.  
  4. For Restrict Enrollments, select “No restrictions” (unless the private discussion is only for a select group within the course)
  5. Edit any Advanced Properties and Additional Options to suit your preferences:
    1. Create Workspace: Select and check "Set up discussion area"
    2. Select a previously made Forum or CREATE a new one by selecting [New Forum], fill in title and description if needed, SAVEnew forum
    3. Select "Create New Topic" or add to an existing topic if needed.
    4. This process will take a few minutes to generate the groups, and will notify you when complete.
  6. Create Restricted Topics:
    1. Select "Create one Topic with Threads separated by group" 
  7. Select Create and Save or Add Another based on your preference
  8. Done

You will see this Forum added to your Discussion area in your course. 

Enable Grading for Private Discussions

Navigate to the Discussion Area in your course.

  1. Scroll to the Topic for your Private Discussion, select the dropdown arrow and select Edit Topictopic
  2. Edit any grading criteria for this assignment:
    1. Grade out of
    2. Visibility
    3. Availability Dates & Conditions
    4. Post & Completion
    5. Evaluation & Feedback
    6. Save and Close

grading options


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