Brightspace is packed with features to help you digitize, optimize and transform the learning experience.

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Documentation on how you use Brightspace to present content to students.


Documentation on how to use Brightspace as a student.

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Pinned Article Brightspace Pulse App

Keep a beat on your courses with the Brightspace Pulse app. Available on Android and iOS, this app allows you to check in to your courses that utilize D2L Brightspace even when you’re on the go.

Pinned Article Browser support

What browsers work best with Brightspace.

Pinned Article Pin a course to top of Brightspace Dashboard

Brightspace allows the user to Pin/Unpin courses to the dashboard. Pinning a course puts it at the top of the course list, and helps the user quickly access their frequently used courses. Unpinning a course will remove it from the top of the dashboard, and place it after you pinned courses.

Accessing Brightspace as a Class Auditor

Instructions for logging in to Brightspace as a class auditor.

Announcements and Email in Brightspace

How to create a course announcement and email it to the class.

Awards in Brightspace

How to access and download award badges and certificates in Brightspace.

Email Not Cortland in Brightspace

Change from non Cortland email to Cortland email in Brightspace

Posting a Document for Only One Section in a Merged Brightspace Course

How to give access to a document in Brightspace to only one section in a merged course.

Searching For and Enrolling in Brightspace Communities

A brief tutorial walking through the steps to search for and self enroll in Brightspace communities with the Discover tool.

View as Page vs. View as Text - files in Brightspace

A brief tutorial explaining the differences between View As Text and View As Page, for document previews inside Brightspace content areas.

Manage Notifications in Brightspace

How to manage and set up notifications in Brightspace.

Notifications Sent to Your Phone

How to set up notifications in Brightspace so they appear on your phone.