Online discussions are a collaborative tool to facilitate communication and knowledge construction .

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Create and Grade Discussions

A tutorial for instructors on creating and grading discussions in Brightspace.

Creating Private Journals

Instructors can use the Brightspace Discussions tool for one-on-one, private journaling and blogs between instructor and individual student. In order to set up a Discussion for this, you’ll need to create single-user groups for student each. Then you will create a discussion for those single-user groups. The groups tool automates this process.

Discussion Visibility

A brief tutorial walking through the steps for hiding a discussion from learners inside Brightspace.

Restoring A Deleted Discussion

A brief tutorial walking instructors through the steps to restore a deleted discussion in Brightspace.

Setting Dates on Discussions

Discussions can easily have start dates and End dates added to them, but setting a due date takes a few more steps. This tutorial goes over adding start dates and end dates to a discussion topic as well as adding a due date to a discussion.

Using a Rubric with Discussions

How to attach a rubric to a discussion.