Activate Your Course (Make Available to Students)


Making your Brightspace Course Available to Students

Courses, by default, will be inactive and unavailable to students.  This means students will not know if you are using Brightspace for your course until you activate it. We encourage you to use the Availability Dates to allow students to see the name of their course before the semester starts. 

Notice the My Courses widget in Brightspace with no active courses (student view):

This is the same student view with their COR course set to open on the first day of class (Students can see the course but cannot access it):

Activate your course

  Instructors can make their course active and available for students at any time by following the steps below:

  1. Login to Brightspace and open the course you would like to make available.
  2. From the course navigation bar, click Course Tools and select Course Admin from the drop-down.
    Course Tools, Course Admin
  3. Under Site Setupclick Course Offering Information.
    course offering information
  4. Scroll down and check the Course is active box. If you do not need to set availability dates, then click Save.
    course is active

5.  Scroll down more to select the Start Date, select date and time, check and enter end date if needed, click Save.


PLEASE NOTE:  If the Start Date field is checked, this does not mean the course will automatically be made available to students at this date and time.  Instructors must complete the above steps and check the ‘Course is Active’ option.  Once checked, the course will be made visible to students after the Start Date passes.


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