Articles (13)

Attendance in Brightspace

How to set up and record attendance in Brightspace.

Brightspace Course Announcements

Creating, Editing, Deleting, and Dismissing Announcements.

Class Progress Tool

The Class Progress tool tracks your learners' overall progress as a course and individually.

Copying content from one semester to another without publisher content.

Publisher content should not be copied from semester to semester, you should be linking to a new area on the publisher site. This article walks you through copying everything except that linked content.

Course Tool Availability

Turning on and off course tools.

Creating Calendar Events in Brightspace

This article overviews how to create calendar events for additional course events.

Custom Course Banners for Brightspace

A tutorial walking through the steps of customizing and uploading a banner image for a Brightspace course.

Download a Class List in Brightspace

How to download your class list as an Excel file.

Editing Instructor Profile

The Instructor Profile allows your students to know how to contact you right away when they log in to your course homepage.

Export a Brightspace Package

Exporting a Brightspace course or components of the course may be necessary for some instructors.

How do I view my course from the student view?

Viewing your course as a student

Import a Brightspace Package

Importing content from a compatible Brightspace zip file.

Renaming a Course in Brightspace

A brief tutorial walking through the steps for changing the name of a course in Brightspace.