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A student tutorial about how to complete quizzes in Brightspace.
A brief tutorial walking students through downloading content from Brightspace.
How to access and submit an Assignment in Brightspace
Instructions for students on how to use the Discussions board in Brightspace.
Brightspace offers built-in Annotations Tools in Assignment to assess submission with inline feedback with free hand drawing, highlighting, text and note annotation. This allows you to assess submissions directly in Assignments, without using external tools like Turnitin.
Brightspace allows the user to Pin/Unpin courses to the dashboard. Pinning a course puts it at the top of the course list, and helps the user quickly access their frequently used courses. Unpinning a course will remove it from the top of the dashboard, and place it after you pinned courses.
A tutorial for students showing the Class Progress Tool.
A tutorial on how to activate notifications.
Brightspace allows students to see all of their grades and any feedback left by instructors on particular graded items. Be aware that different Instructors will have different methods of displaying grades.
The Instructor Profile allows your students to know how to contact you right away when they log in to your course homepage.
This article overviews how to activate your Brightspace course.
This article overviews how to setup extended date and time accommodations for assignments.