Copying content from one semester to another without publisher content.


Be sure to open the new (current) course where the course content will be copied to, this is different than a Blackboard copy.  For example, if you would like to copy a sandbox to an actual course with student enrollment, open the actual course with student enrollment. 

1. Login to Brightspace and choose the course you would like to copy an existing course to.

2. Choose the Settings icon near the top-right of the screen and select Import/Export/Copy Components from the drop-down.

a. You may also navigate to Course Tools>Course Admin>Import/Export/Copy Components.

 Settings icon drop down menu

3. Under Copy Components from another Org Unit, click Search for offering.

 Import/export page of brightspace

4. Enter the course ID or course name of the developed course (a) and click Search (b). Select the radio button to the left of the appropriate course and click Add Selected. 

searching and choosing course to copy from

 5. To ensure content from the publisher is NOT copied into the new semester you need to choose Select Components


 components menu

6. Choose Components to Copy - you should be selecting all and then:

choose copy components

7. For External Learning Tool Links you will want to look at these as this is where the publisher links will be listed.  Choose Select Individual Items to Copy:

choose components screen

8. Choose Continue to review items in the External Tools area

:continue to see components

9. Review the list of External Tools - please note that not all of these are necessarily Publisher tools, you could have added a yuja video or a perusal link to name a few.  Expand items if you are not sure what they are - only choose those that are not publisher tools. Choose Continue when finished selecting.

select the items you want or choose none to copy none

10. If you wish to review the items being copied before you finish you may do so, choose Finish to start the copy.


After the copy has completed, click Course Home to view your course. 


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