Brightspace Course Announcements

Brightspace Course Announcements

Help boost engagement by scheduling announcements for frequent and regular communication to all learners enrolled in a course. Learners can set notification preferences to be made aware of important updates.

How to Create an Announcement

  • Click on the dropdown menu for the Announcements Widget or Select "Create an Announcement" for your first Announcement.
  • Select 'New Announcement'
  • Enter the Headline 
  • Add Content Start/End Dates if needed
  • Click Publish

How to Delete or Edit Announcement

  • Click on the dropdown menu for the title of the announcement
  • Select 'Delete' or 'Edit'

Note: Selecting the 'X' icon in the top right corner of an announcement only dismisses items from your view. Your students can still see these items until they are deleted or expired past your date settings

Dismiss an Announcement

  • Click the 'X' icon next to an announcement to dismiss it from your view

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