Custom Course Banners for Brightspace

Customize Brightspace Banner Templates

To create a custom course banner in Brightspace, please use one of the Powerpoint Brightspace Banner Templates and make necessary changes following these instructions.


Open your preferred template in Powerpoint.


Click on the Course Title text box and enter in your course title, ID or whatever text you prefer.


Click on the Additional Text text box and enter any additional text you would like.


When finished it should look something like this;


Next you will need to Export the file as a JPEG. To do this go to File at the top of the page and then select Export


Now you will rename your file and select where you would like to save it on your computer.


Next locate the file format and change it from PDF to JPEG, then click the blue Export button at the bottom right.



Add a Customized Banner to a Brightspace Course

To upload your newly customized banner to your course, login to Brightspace through MyRedDragon and open your course. Once you are on the homepage of your course, scroll over the top right corner of your banner image until you see three small dots in a blue box (Banner Settings). Click on those three dots.


A drop down menu will appear, select the top option that says Change Image.


The next window that opens should have stock images you can search through and choose, but to upload your custom banner you will select the Upload option in the upper right. 



Now a window will open asking where you would like to find the file, you will select the top option, My Computer.


Next it will ask you to add a file. You can click Upload to navigate to the file on your computer, or you can drag and drop the file inside the box. 


If you navigate to the file instead of dragging and dropping, be sure to click Upload on the bottom right.


Next you should see that your file has been successfully added to the Add a File page. Click the blue Add button on the bottom left.


After a few minutes it will update and should look something like this. To remove the Brightspace Banner text, you will again click on those three dots on the top right side of the banner image.


The dropdown menu will appear and now you will select the second option that says Customize Banner Text.


On the next page that opens up you have a few options;

1. You can select just the Course Name to be included in the banner text.

2. You can select a Custom banner text option and can add text in the text box.

3. You can select None and the banner text will go away. 

After you have made your selection be sure to click Save on the bottom left. 


If you selected None, it will look like this.


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