Import a Brightspace Package

Importing a Brightspace Package

You must first export and download a compatible Brightspace package to import to your course. Please see Exporting a Brightspace Package for more information.

If you import course components with names that already exist in the course, or you import multiple components with the same name, duplicate names appear; they are not overwritten. For example, if your course contains a discussion topic called Exam Review and you import a course package that contains a discussion topic called Exam Review, your course will contain two topics called Exam Review. When importing a grade scheme, a scheme not associated to a grade item within the course offering is only copied if the grade scheme is unique (i.e. there are no duplicates which match on name and ranges).
Note: When importing a course, if you previously had text in the quiz Introduction field, this text is automatically appended to the quiz Description field.

How to Import a Brightspace Package

You Access the course you will import into. From the Nav Bar, select Course Tools, Course Admin.

Course Admin

Select Import/Export/Copy Components:


Scroll down and select Import Components, Start:


Select Upload to find your zip file, or drag and drop within the dotted line selected area.

upload/drag and drop

Select Import All Components:

Import all Compnents

Depending on the size, this may take a few minutes. Select View Content:

View Content

Check over your course for content and reach out to Design Help with any issues you may have.

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