Announcements and Email in Brightspace

Announcements in Brightspace

Announcements allow you to post important course information to students directly in Brightspace.  Students see announcements when they log into Brightspace and access the course.  These announcements are only visible in the LMS and are not emailed to students unless students modify their notification preferences. 


How do I create course announcements in Brightspace?


1. From the course homepage, select Course Tools, then click the on Announcements and select New Announcement.

Course tools, Announcements

new announcement

2. In the Headline textbox, enter a title for the announcement. In the Content textbox, enter the message you would like to communicate to the class.

3. Scroll down to access additional options.

  • If you would like to create an announcement but not post it right away, set the Start Date to a future date and time.
  • If you would like the announcement to disappear after it is no longer relevant, set the End Date to a future date and time.
  • If you would like to include a file with your announcement, select one of the Attachments.

4. Click Publish when you have finished creating the announcement. 


Email your class

When you log into Brightspace all of your email is in one place, no matter if you teach or take classes at another SUNY institution.

If you email your class from Brightspace you do need to know that the email stays within the Brightspace environment and a notification is sent to the email on record of the students.  All email from Brightspace has a pre-filled message (please do not delete) prompting students to log into Brightspace to reply to their email.  

***This is a notification that you have received a message in Brightspace. Please log into Brightspace to reply to this message. A reply to this message from outside of Brightspace will not be received.***


1. From the course navigation bar, select Course Tools, click Roster.


2. From Classlist, click Email Classlist.

email classlist

3. Click Send Email at the bottom left to compose the email.

send email

4. When you are ready for the email to go out to students, click Send.

compose new message



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