Popular Services

Get help choosing the right form software

Login for MyRedDragon, SUNY Cortland's portal for students, faculty, and staff.

Printing using Pharos Secured Printers.

Online hardware/software ordering system for new Hardware or Software

The reporting tool that allows users to access and extract information from Banner.

Tool used to send targeted emails to groups on campus.

Memorial Library offers 3-D printing.

SUNY Cortland's portal for students, faculty, and staff.

Campus phones are Cisco VOIP phones

Banner is a higher education industry-standard student information system. Banner is used to store, manage, retrieve, and protect student records and information

Design Help is your go to team for designing courses using supported tools on campus.

semester long laptop loans for students

Hardware that is no longer needed or functional may be formally removed from campus inventory and properly disposed.

SUNY Cortland uses a two-factor authentication solution called Duo to help protect your SUNY Cortland account. Your first factor of authentication is your username and password. Your second factor is Duo. Duo prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

Systems Operations and Security provides server support to Facilities for the Building Management System.

A cloud based pay-for-print printing service for students on campus. WEPA allows students to print to any of the twelve kiosks located in ten different locations accross the campus.

Used to submit requests for library materials needed for your classes, such as e-Books and/or educational videos. Please check our catalog before submitting your request.

The wired and wireless network in academic and administrative buildings

Online scheduling system used by Faculty/Staff to reserve spaces on campus.

Dedicated network storage space for individuals. Individuals can save their work related files in their allocated U Drive.

Dedicated department network storage space. Departments save department files in their allocated departmental shares.

Support and setup for faculty/staff websites.