Popular Services

Online hardware/software ordering system for new Hardware or Software

Login for MyRedDragon, SUNY Cortland's portal for students, faculty, and staff.

Memorial Library offers faculty the option to to place course materials on reserve for short term loan periods.

Submit this request to purchase a new phone, upgrade an existing phone, or add a softphone (Webex) service.

Submit this form to request a new voicemail account for a new employee or to replace an existing voicemail account.

Request form for programming changes on desk phones. For example: adding/removing extensions or conditional forwarding.

Every class has a Blackboard site associated with it which is linked to the instructor and populated by Banner registrations. Blackboard can also share content through content pages, organize them into modules, share audio and video resources, and embed Publisher resources, allowing you to teach fully online if desired.

Relocation of computer equipment and telephone equipment.

If you need forms for co-instructor authorization or for students to audit your Blackboard course, please find them on the Student Registration and Record Services homepage.

Request a Formstack account for creating online forms in Formstack.

Submit this request to for phone repair services.

Use the form to request access to use Campus Communicator to send targeted emails to groups on campus.

Request software for use in a classroom.

Use this to report problems when trying to use online library resources, such as ONESearch, Library Databases, or links to specific articles or videos.

Request for reports/lists from Banner.

SUNY Cortland uses a two-factor authentication solution called Duo to help protect your SUNY Cortland account. Your first factor of authentication is your username and password. Your second factor is Duo. Duo prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

Used to submit requests for library materials needed for your classes, such as e-Books and/or educational videos. Please check our catalog before submitting your request.

Memorial Library offers a variety of equipment for faculty and staff use. Laptops, video cameras, still cameras, projectors, screens, PA systems, and audio recorders may be borrowed.

Submit this request form to receive a WebEx account.

A central home for assessment, accreditation, program review, and strategic planning processes. With transparency and clear guidance for all stakeholders, you can create a solid foundation for meaningful assessment across your institution.

Support for all types of endpoint devices, including laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and related peripherals. These devices are institutionally owned. Includes support for the associated operating system, hardware, and systems that provide enterprise management of computing devices.

A personal device owned by you and used on the campus network.

Cisco Webex is an app used for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars.