Design Help

Design Help is a team of instructional designers ready to partner with faculty. Instructional designers support faculty subject matter experts in task analysis, learner analysis, content analysis, efficiency and standardization of course design. We assist faculty in developing the overall appearance of a course, the functionality and efficiency of technologies and media tools. Instructional designers apply standardization across courses that provide a learning framework and consistency focused on engaging students and facilitating student learning by applying pedagogical principles for online learners.

Design Help partners with faculty in their design of pedagogical tools to improve engaged learning, collaborative projects and exercises in critical thinking. We assist in the creation of learning aids, informational materials for new students for systems and online learning, revise and adapt content for online teaching, and assist in developing learning objectives that will enhance student engagement. Design Help works with faculty in establishing rubrics and assessment resources.  Our focus is to assist with meeting the needs of today’s college students and digital natives learning styles. We guide and train faculty members in:  

  • Identifying what students need to learn
  • Developing objectives and ensure content matches those objectives
  • Course evaluation using the OSCQR Rubric
  • Revising and rewriting content to shape it for learning needs
  • Structuring content and activities for student learning
  • Creating media to support learning (e.g., visual aids for face-to-face, various multimedia for e-learning and online)
  • Brightspace and other educational technologies
  • Using interactive Whiteboard software
  • Adapting instructional materials created for one format to another format (i.e., face-to-face to e-learning)

Instructional Designers:

Kristina Maricle, Senior Instructional Designer 
MS – Instructional Technology – New York Institute of Technology
School of Education

Jill Nobles, Instructional Designer 
M.Ed - Education Instructional Design and Technology Media Literacy - East Stroudsburg University
School of Arts and Sciences

Design Help
School of Professional Studies