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Service offerings related to Information Resources (IR) -supported educational technologies and professional development opportunities.

Services (10)

Design Help

Design Help is your go to team for designing courses using supported tools on campus.

Co-Instructor/Brightspace Observer

If you need forms for co-instructor authorization or for students to audit your Brightspace course, please find them on the Registrar Office homepage.

CTE System

Course Teacher Evaluations are a way for students to evaluate the course as a student, and offer comments and suggestions for its continued improvement. Responses are kept anonymous and are not linked to students' identification in any manner. Students' NetID, C Number, and name are never exposed to a faculty member when they review Course Teacher Evaluation Responses.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a dynamic online polling platform that allows students to vote on custom teacher-generated polls through text messaging (SMS), smartphone, or computer by visiting this website. Faculty may request an account through Design Help.


SMART Online Learning Suite and SMART Notebook Training is available from a Certified SMART Trainer for faculty, staff and students who are currently using or intend to use SMART boards in the future both inside and outside of the classrooms.


Starfish is a system where advisers, faculty, and staff can work together to empower students to achieve their academic, career, and life goals.

TA/GA Request

Provides student access to Brightspace using specialized roles for students. The TA/GA initiates the form and the faculty member approves the role of the student.


Video streaming platform

Watermark / Taskstream

A central home for assessment, accreditation, program review, and strategic planning processes. With transparency and clear guidance for all stakeholders, you can create a solid foundation for meaningful assessment across your institution.