Pharos Secure Printing

How Do I print using Pharos?

By moving to the Pharos Secure print cloud, print jobs can be released from any new printers that will be installed on campus. You will be able to follow these steps once the new printers are deployed in your building.

  • Print a document and select “Pharos Secure Printer” as the destination printer
  • The first time you try to print to Pharos It will prompt you to sign in and then give you a 6 digit alphanumeric release code
  • Visit one of the new printers and scan your ID Card on the release station.
  • The printer will recognize this as an unregistered badge and prompt you for your release code, enter it and your badge is now linked to your account in Pharos and can be used to sign in to the printer for all future jobs
  • Select print to release your job. You may also cancel jobs that you no longer wish to print.

Why am I seeing a Pharos log in screen?

In preparation for the rollout, Information Resources needs to pre-install the Pharos software on all campus computers. The pharos software will prompt you to sign in the first time you print. The sign-in is a three click process outlined here

Can I still scan and copy?

Several models of supported printers are multi-function devices (MFDs) and have both copy and scanning capabilities. Scanned documents can either be printed or emailed.

Where can I print in color?

A select number of Pharos-connected Toshiba devices will allow users to print in color. A full list of these devices will be posted here as the devices are installed.

I am responsible for my office or department printer. Do I have to buy toner, paper and consumables?

Toner will be automatically ordered by the printer and delivered to the department when the printer is low. If assistance is required in changing the toner, the Technology Help Center can be contacted. Paper can be ordered through central stores and will no longer be charged back to the department.

If I have to print 100 pages or more

Per the SUNY-wide Print Resource Use – Procedures: If the total number of pages (number of originals x pages per original) exceeds 100, consider sending the print job to the campus print shop.  At Cortland, please use the Duplicating Services.  More information about Duplicating Services, please go here:


How can I ensure privacy of my print jobs?

Your print jobs will now be stored in the cloud and will not automatically print out at the printer. When you go to the printer, you sign into the release station either by scanning your campus ID card, using the Pharos Mobile App, or by entering your release code which you will receive when you complete the registration process on your computer. Once you are signed into the release station you will see all your unprinted jobs and can print or cancel them. This ensures that security of any confidential printing you may need to make.

How do I print from Banner?

You can now create a PDF of a banner job that you can then use as you wish, including printing it using Pharos.  The detailed instructions on how to do this are in the Related Articles section of the sidebar.

Can I get an exception to the print and keep my printer in my office?

Individuals who may be eligible under the SUNY Cortland Disability and Workplace Reasonable Accommodation Policy can apply for an exception. To apply for an exception, fill out the form. Once approved by Human Resources, IT staff will be notified and an exception to leave the printer will be put in place.      

My office or department has a specialty device. How will that work?

Printers providing specialty functions that cannot be addressed by the new multi-function devices and/or the new print server may receive exceptions. The Cortland print team will work with the department to move the device to a new print server. Many of these specialty functions have already been reported to the print team.

What do I do if I want my old printer to be collected by CTS?

Fill out a Technology Surplus form

What do I do with unused printer supplies?

Used toner cartridges can be given to building custodians to dispose of. Unused toner cartridges can be returned to CTS using the Technology Surplus Form.

Why are we making this change?

Information Resources is implementing a plan based on a SUNY system-wide initiative to reduce cost, waste and paper that will simplify the printer fleet and secure and optimize the print environment by July 2023. This initiative will help standardize and consolidate the number and type of devices we use when we print, scan and copy. SUNY’s objectives are to reduce operating and maintenance costs as well as inspire a cultural shift towards a more efficient use of all output devices.

As a result, a SUNY Cortland team has been meeting regularly with Toshiba, SUNY’s vendor, to evaluate, recommend and plan for a print fleet rollout to campus. Toshiba conducted an initial review of Cortland’s printing infrastructure and made recommendations on printer locations based on output and usage by departments. As a follow-up to the President’s memo to campus in December 2022, IR staff visited several of the building and offices to do a physical review and compare to the Toshiba recommendation report. Based on the walkthroughs and the SUNY vendor feedback, a recommendation report was submitted to the President’s Cabinet and subsequently discussed at the President’s Advisory Council. A final report has been submitted to SUNY system for review and approval.

What does Pharos printing change for me?

SUNY’s goal and Cortland’s goal is to replace traditional print servers and deskside printers with centralized managed printing within departments. At a high level, the initial deployment will be focused on replacing the current Samsungs located in many of the department offices. Eventually, we will begin removing department multi-function devices and non-networked printers beginning in winter break 2023-2024 or if the printer fails, whichever comes first.

How will deployment work?

Once the recommendation report has been approved by SUNY, the first stage of the Summer 2023 implementation will go by building and by floor. The installation will require a coordination of the removal of the old hardware, in most cases, the first device removed will be the Samsungs, followed by installation of the new printer. Individual departments and offices will be moved to the new Pharos Secure Print application, a virtual printer which stores print jobs in the cloud. The traditional print server, Gutenberg, will be decommissioned as it is end-of-life.

Where are the new Toshiba printers located?

A full list of printer locations will be added to this page when they begin to be installed.

Where can find information on this SUNY Initiative?

Additional details on the SUNY system policy and procedure are available online

Find a printer Request Printing Technical Support Provide Feedback Reasonable Accomodation Document

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