Pharos Secure Printing

Secure Printing

Information Resources is implementing a plan under the guidance of SUNY to replace traditional print servers and deskside printers with centralized managed printing. As we proceed with this project on a building by building basis, printers on the Gutenberg print server will be replaced by Pharos Secure Printers.

With traditional Print servers like Gutenberg, end users must install each printer they wish to print to manually, and access to these printers is controlled by Active Directory Group membership. With the new managed printing, print jobs are routed to the Pharos Secure Printer, a virtual printer which stores print jobs in the cloud. These jobs can be printed from any printer on campus with a release station.

Releasing a Print Job

You can sign into the release station either by scanning your campus ID card or by entering your code which you will receive when you complete the registration process on your computer. Once you are signed in to the release station you will see all of your unprinted jobs and can cancel or release (print) them.


Several models of supported printers are Multi Function Devices (MFDs) and have scanning capabilities. Scanned documents can either be printed or emailed.

Printer Locations

The printer locations can be reviewed in the Pharos Secure Printer Locations Knowledge base article.
If you have feedback about Pharos Secure Printing, including the availability of the nearest printer to your office you can use the Provide Feedback button to the right.
If you require a printer at your desk due to reasons outlined in the Reasonable Accommodation policy, use the Reasonable Accommodation document button to the right for instructions on initiating a request with HR.

Request Printing Technical Support Provide Feedback Reasonable Accomodation Document


Service ID: 52064
Wed 11/23/22 1:14 PM
Fri 1/27/23 8:57 AM

Service Offerings (4)

Printing Issue
A problem that is preventing a user from printing
Printing Feedback
provide feedback regarding printing system
Printer Exception
If a deskside printer for a reasonable accommodation is needed, the process begins by filling out a form with HR
Printer Maintenance
Internal service used for deploying new printers and performing routine maintenance on them