Remote Access

Here are some of the methods for SUNY Cortland employees to access to SUNY Cortland's internal systems and services from off-campus.


Cloudflare is the company that provides the tools SUNY Cortland uses for remote access.

WARP Zero Trust Client

WARP Zero Trust Client from Cloudflare is an application installed on your device that provides direct access to resources on SUNY Cortland's internal network. (Instructions on how to install the WARP client).

Remote Desktop via WARP

Once configured, the WARP client can provide access to a windows desktop from off campus. Please submit a support ticket using the button to the right to request that your desktop be made available via the WARP client.

Cisco VPN and AnyConnect Client

For information on remote access using SUNY Cortland's VPN, please see the article VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Remote Access Support

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