CTE System

Course Teacher Evaluations are a way for students to evaluate the course as a student, and offer comments and suggestions for its continued improvement. Responses are kept anonymous and are not linked to students' identification in any manner. Students' NetID, C Number, and name are never exposed to a faculty member when they review Course Teacher Evaluation Responses.

Faculty members or department secretaries can manage Course Teacher Evaluations (CTEs) through myRedDragon. The link is located within the Faculty/Staff tab - select the "Course Teacher Evaluations (CTE)" link. 

After your CTEs are submitted, an email is sent to the student with instructions to sign into myRedDragon and complete the CTE. After the CTE has been submitted by the student, it cannot be resubmitted or changed. Faculty will only be able to see the results of the CTEs after banner grades have been finalized. 

Faculty can view CTE results within the Faculty/Staff tab of myRedDragon. In the CTE section, look for the "View Response Data" link. To view qualitative feedback, look for the "Online Comments" section towards the bottom of the screen. 

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