Faculty Websites

Faculty and staff members that wish to have a website at SUNY Cortland have two primary options which are detailed below.  For some faculty however, a more completed entry in the campus directory may be an adequate solution as opposed to creating a full-fledged website. 


The most common option for faculty is a SUNY Cortland hosted WordPress website. WordPress is a popular tool that simplifies the process of updating webpages and requires little or no knowledge of HTML. General support is available to faculty and staff for basic site set up and maintenance.  

Faculty websites built in WordPress typically follow a standardized theme. Here are a couple of examples: 

Web Space

Faculty members may request space on a web server to develop their own custom websites.  This sort of request is less common as it requires technical knowledge of web tools or programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Support for custom faculty websites is very limited. If significant custom web development work and support is needed, a custom development project request should be made.

Campus Web Policy

Faculty websites are required to adhere to the campus web policy. In particular, section VII Personal Webpages. 


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