How to sign into Pharos Printers with your ID badge


Obtaining your 6 digit login code

The pharos software will ask you to sign in the first time you try to print.
When you first sign in to Pharos it will display a 6 digit login code:
pharos login screen displaying a code

If you do not remember the code, it also emailed it to you, you can go and look at past email to retrieve it.
email from pharos cloud with access code

Alternatively, you can reset your passcode from the Pharos Secure Release app
pharos app with 'reset passcode' circled

the app can be found by searching or by finding it here on a Mac:


Linking your badge to your ID card

Now that you know your login code, you can walk up to any Pharos Secure Release printer and swipe card over the prox reader.

Pharos will recognize this as an unregistered badge and prompt you to enter your passcode. Click on the box labeled passcode and it will bring up an on screen keyboard.
pharos screen with a prompt to enter code

Enter your passcode and hit OK on the keyboard. Now hit the yellow Register button
pharos screen with code entered and register button

You can now sign into any Pharos Release Station by swiping your badge

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