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Printing to individual jobs from Banner is achieved by first using the system to generate a PDF of the required report.

From the Job Submission screen (GJAPCTL), select the appropriate PDF "printer" under the section labeled: Printer Control

The PDF printers will be named PDFDEPARTMENTNAME

  • Select the printer from the drop-down
  • Set your desired parameters for the print job
  • Run your Banner Process (via F10 or the Save button in the lower right).
  • Your job will be sent to the server, and generate a PDF
  • You can access the PDF via the shared folder: \\Banner-Reports

For instructions on how to access a shared folder, see this KB article.

  • In \\Banner-Reports\ you will see a folder for each department. Locate your department folder and your file. 
    • You may keep the PDF on the server for half a year
    • You may email or save the PDF to an alternate location
    • You may print the PDF using Pharos Secure Printing

When your PDF reaches the age of 6 months, it will be purged from the server.

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