How to set up printing delegates in Pharos Secure Release

If you want another user to be able to release your print job you can set them up as a delegate for that document and it will show up in their printable documents list when they sign in to a Pharos Secure Printer. You can also set up an Auto Delegate, which will cause every document you print to be releasable by another user.

Setting up a delegate for a single print job

  1. Print your document to the Pharos Secure Printer
  2. Open up the Pharos Secure Release app on your computer by hitting the up arrow icon on the system tray then clicking on the printer icon
    system tray expanded to show pharos app
  3. Click on the document you want to delegate and then click on the Delegate button
    pharos app with a document selected, the delegate button is enabled
  4. Type in the email address of the user you want to delegate the document to and click Add
    delegate dialogue box, theres a text box for an email address and an add button
  5. Once you have added the user(s) email address, click Save
    deleate screen with users email address added and save button highlighted
  6. There is now an icon indicating this document is delegated to another user. You can hover over the icon to see the user's info.
    document list with delegate icon circled

This document will remain in your document list and the delegates document list until one of you prints it or the document is deleted or expires.


Setting up an Auto Delegate

  1. Open the Pharos Secure Release app, hit the Menu button (three horizontal orange lines icon) then select Auto Delegate
    pharos app with menu button selected
  2. Add the email address of any user(s) you want to auto delegate print jobs to, hit add, and when finished hit Save
    autodelegate user adding screen with add and save buttons

Any users that appear in this list will have your documents automatically delegated to them. You can add and remove users from this list using this process.


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