Setting up the Pharos Secure Release Mobile App


Download the Secure Release App and Link your Mobile Device

Below are instructions on setting up the mobile Pharos Secure Release App.

  1. Download and install the Pharos Secure Release app from Google or Apple app store

Pharos Secure Release application download in the Google app store. Press Install.

  1. Open the Pharos Secure Release app on your mobile device. If it asks you to allow it to use the camera, give it that permission(it will need to use the camera to scan QR codes)
  2. On your computer, open Pharos Secure Release Setup Guide in the Pharos Systems International folder in the start menu. Open start menu. Under the letter P heading, open Pharos Systems International folder and click Pharos Secure Release Setup Guide
  3. Select Mobile as the print method.

Welcome to Secure Release. Below are release methods in your print environment. Mobile, Proximity Card, Keyboard Login. Select Mobile.

  1. Click Start

Steps summary: 1. Print Test Page, 2. Activate Mobile Device, 3. Release Test Page. Press Start

  1. Click Print test page

Print a test page and then select "Pharos Secure Printer". Check box for Make Pharos Secure Printer your default printer is checked by default.Click Print Test page.

  1. Click Print with Pharos Secure Printer selected

Windows Printer settings prompt. Select Pharos Secure Printer and click print.

  1. Click Next

The document is now held for printing. Click next

  1. In the Pharos Secure Release app, press Scan

Welcome! Since this is your first time using Pharos Secure Release, we need to setup your device. Touch Scan

  1. Scan the QR code that appears on the Activate your Mobile Device screen of the Pharos Secure Release Setup Guide using the mobile Pharos app. Click Next once the scan is complete.

activation screen displaying the QR code which must be scanned

  1. Hit Next

Scan the QR code on a secure printer. Click Next

  1. Click Finish

You can now release your print jobs at any secure printer. Click Finish


You can now manage documents and print to the Secure printers using your Pharos Secure Release mobile app.

1. Head to a printer with a release station. Open the Pharos app and find the document you want to print by clicking Review Print Jobs or just hit Print All
pharos app showing one document to print

2. This will launch your phone's camera. Point it at the QR code found on the printer and the document will print.
pharos app with camera open


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