Allow Students to Retake Incorrect Questions on a Quiz in Brightspace

This tutorial will show you the steps to let your students retake quizzes and only encounter the questions they had previously gotten wrong?  

Set Up

Select Quizzes from your Nav Bar.

Select the New Quiz button to create a new quiz or select the Name of an existing quiz to edit it. 

Select the Assessment tab and scroll down to Attempts.

To be able to allow students to retake the questions they got wrong, you must allow more than one attempt. Select 2 or more attempts and make sure to select the Apply button.

Select the checkbox next to On new attempts, only allow answers for previously incorrect questions.

Select how you want the multiple attempts to be graded. The options provided are:

  • Highest Attempt
  • Lowest Attempt
  • Average of All Attempts
  • First Attempt
  • Last Attempt

Select the Save and Close button to save these new settings.


The Student Experience

Step 1 - Student Takes First Quiz Attempt

Students will take their first attempt of the quiz as they normally would.

Step 2 - Student Takes Second Attempt

Once they have submitted their quiz, they will be able to start the quiz again (they can take the quiz as many times as you have allowed). They will only be allowed to retake the questions that they have gotten wrong. 

*Note: They can view the other questions but will not see the answers. They will only be able to see that they got the question correct and the question text.

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