The Content Tool

Use the Content tool to access course materials, complete required activities, and monitor your completion progress on topics contained within each course module. The Content tool gives you access to the course materials that your instructor has designed and placed into the course. 


You can get to the Content tool by selecting the Content link from the navigation bar on the Course Home page.     


The Content page will open and display Course Overview, the first of the four sections that comprise Content.


Course Overview

The Course Overview may contain information that your instructor expects you to read prior to starting the course.



Bookmarks permit you to create links to any favorite or often used module or activity in the course. These links permit you to access modules or activities quickly, without having to locate them in the Table of Contents.

Topics you bookmark appear in a list on the Bookmarks page. Any activity in any module can be bookmarked so that it shows up in the Bookmarks section.

The number beside the Bookmarks link indicates how many bookmarks you have.

Select the Bookmark icon to bookmark the current activity that you have open and the activity will then appear in the Bookmarks section.


Course Schedule

The Course Schedule section lists items from your course calendar that you or your instructor have added.


Within the Course Schedule you have two views.

Upcoming shows you items for "Today", "Tomorrow" and the "Next 7 Days"


Full Schedule shows you everything in chronological order.


Table of Contents

The Table of Contents panel summarizes the number of activities in each module that have not been accessed yet.

The Table of Contents panel lists all modules available in your course. If numbers appear beside each module name in the Table of Contents panel it indicates that topics are being tracked for completion, and that you have a number of topics you have not accessed.

The Table of Contents contains all the activities, assignments, and other resources you will need to succeed in the course.

The Table of Contents is comprised of modules, and each module contains a number of activities.

  • A dot indicates that the activity has not been visited
  • A check mark indicates that the activity has been accessed



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