Attendance in the Brightspace Gradebook

Brightspace Attendance

It is important to note, that the attendance tool in Brightspace DOES NOT connect to the gradebook. If you want to have attendance recorded in your gradebook, you will need to create an attendance column and will then need to manually enter the grades for the students. To create a column in your gradebook where you can manually enter your attendance grades, follow the instructions below. If you want to learn more about and set up the attendance tool, you can read our tutorial.


Creating an Attendance Column in the Gradebook

On the course home page, click Grades.

In the Manage Grades area, click New and select Item.


Choose Numeric at the top of the list.

When the next page opens us, give your column a name.


Scroll down the page and enter in the maximum amount of points that students can earn for attendance. If you are using a weighted gradebook, you can also enter in the weight as well.


Be sure to click Save and Close.


Entering Attendance Grades in the Gradebook

Once you have set up the attendance column in your gradebook, you can enter attendance grades the same way you would grade anything else in the gradebook.

Click on Grades in the NavBar. Then click the drop down menu in the attendance column. In the dropdown menu, select Enter Grades.


When the next page opens up, you can enter the attendance grades for each student and then click save and close at the bottom of the page.

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