Rubrics: Copy a Rubric

Copying A Rubric

Once you publish and use a rubric, it can no longer be edited. It is a good idea to make a copy of each rubric you create, so that you have access to it and can edit it for future use if needed. You can also create a rubric as a template and then copy that rubric each time you want to make a new one. To copy a rubric that you have already created, please follow the steps below. To create a rubric, please refer to this tutorial.

First go to the Course Tools option in the NavBar, and select Course Admin in the drop-down menu.


When the course admin page opens up, select Rubrics toward the bottom of the page.


The next page should include a list of all of the rubrics you have created, select the drop-down menu next to the title of the rubric you would like to copy. In the drop-down menu, select copy.


You will now see a copy of the rubric in your list of rubrics.


To change the title of your rubric, again select the drop-down menu next to the title and then select edit.



When the rubric opens up, make the necessary changes.


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