Rubrics in Brightspace

It's a good idea and it will save you time, if you have the verbiage and numeric values for your Rubric decided before you start creating your rubric in Brightspace.



From the course navigation bar, click Course Tools

In the Course Tools drop down menu, select Course Admin.


When the Course Admin page opens up, click Rubrics. This is the central location of all rubrics in your course.


Click New Rubric.


Enter a name for your rubric.


Click the drop down menu next to Type and select the type of rubric you would like it to be. An Analytic rubric enables you to establish multiple criterion and multiple levels of achievement.  A Holistic rubric enables you to establish multiple levels of achievement for the activity as a whole. 


Based on your previous selection, continue building the rubric. 

Use the + icons to add additional levels to the rubric.


Use the Add Criterion option to add additional criterion to the rubric. (Analytic Only)


Use the Add Criteria Group button to add additional criteria groups to the rubric. This is useful when some items of the rubric will have different levels and/or point values.  (Analytic Only)


When you are finished creating the rubric, ensure the Status is set to Published.



Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click Close.


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