Quiz Visibility

If you have a quiz that you have created, but you would not like it to be visible to learners, follow the steps below. Keep in mind, the quiz is hidden from learners until you return and change it back to Visible. Also, a quiz must be visible for the availability dates to take effect.

Hiding / Showing a Quiz

Click on the Quizzes Tool in the Navbar

When the Quizzes page opens up, navigate to the quiz you would like hidden. Click on the drop down menu next to the title of the quiz. In the drop down menu select Hide From Users.

When the page refreshes, you will have an icon showing that the quiz cannot be seen.

If you would like to make the quiz visible again, follow these same instructions but instead of seeing Hide from Users in the drop down menu, you will see Make Visible to Users. Select this option and when the page refreshes, the quiz will now be visible.


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