Renaming a Course in Brightspace

The initial name given to a course is set when the course is created through Banner or during the merge process. However, a course's name may be changed from within D2L at any time after the course is created.


Please do not remove the course subject code (e.g. ENG), course number (e.g. 100), and section (e.g. 001) from the course name. Care should be taken to make sure the new name of the course can be easily recognized by the enrolled students and by those providing technical support on campus.

How to Change the Name of a Course in Brightspace

To change the name of your Brightspace course, you should follow these steps:

First navigate into the course you want to change the name of. While in the course, go to the NavBar and click on Course Admin.

Click on Course Offering Information.

Enter the new name (eg. 24SP ECO 110-602 and 603 Intro to Econ) in the Course Offering Name field and click Save.


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