This tutorial will guide you through building a quiz, methods of adding quiz questions, and the types of quiz questions available in Brightspace.

Creating Quizzes & Exams

Select Quizzes on the course Navbar.

Click New Quiz.

Add a Name.


I you want to include a description, click Expand Description and the window will open.


Enter the Description.


The Header / Footer is shown at the top / bottom of each page of the quiz. If you want either to include anything, enter it in the appropriate boxes.


Choose any Optional Advanced Properties.


Click the “Add/Edit Questions“ button to be brought to the “Quiz Question Builder.“


Choose your method for adding quiz and exam questions.

You also have the option to Import questions.


Once your quiz has some questions, you can set how many of them appear at a time for students by entering Questions per Page. If you don’t enter a number, all of the questions will appear on the same page.

Select any other options that meet your needs on the current “Properties“ page.

Click the “Restrictions“ tab at the top.

Uncheck “Hide from Users,“ unless you do not want students to see the quiz yet.

*Note: If there are date restrictions set for availability, unchecking hide from users will only allow the quiz to appear in the student’s list of quizzes, they won’t be able to take the quiz if it’s outside the availability dates set.


Date Restrictions

The “Due Date“ determines when students submit late quiz attempts. It does not prevent them from taking the quiz after this time.

The “Start Date“ determines when students can open and begin taking the quiz or exam.

The “End Date“ determines when students can no longer open the quiz for completion.

Select “Display in Calendar“ to have a calendar event created.


Release Conditions

If you’re using release conditions on the quiz or exam, you can set them here. With “Release Conditions,“ students aren’t able to view the assignment until certain outlined criteria are met.


Timing Requirements

Set the timing requirements for the quiz or exam.

The “Recommended Time Limit“ allows students to have unlimited time to complete the quiz, but they will see the amount of time recommended it takes to complete.

The “Enforced Time Limit“ allows students a set amount of time to complete the quiz.

The “Grace Period“ is how many minutes after the “Time Limit“ passes before a quiz attempt is marked as exceeding the time limit.

“Exceeded Time Limit Behavior“ decides the action taken when a student reaches the end of the “Grace Period.“



If you have students with accommodations, you can add “Special Access“ to the quiz at the bottom of the “Restrictions“ page.

The “Allow selected users special access to this quiz“ option can be used to apply “Special Access“ to certain students in the course while keeping the original settings for the rest of the students in the course.

The “Allow only users with special access to see this quiz“ option can be used to allow only the students within “Special Access“ to view the quiz.

Adding Special Access

Changing a Due Date or Availability Date

Changing the Time Limit

Changing Attempts Allowed



Click the Assessment tab.

Check the box next to “Automatically Publish Evaluation“ only if you want students to see how they did right after taking the quiz/exam.

* IMPORTANT: If you have Written Response questions (essay questions) that have to be graded manually, DO NOT check this option!

Select the corresponding “Grade Item“ you created for this quiz/exam.

Check the box next to “Synchronize to Grade Book“ for the auto-graded attempt scores to be automatically imported into the grade book.

* IMPORTANT: If you didn’t select the “Automatically Publish Evaluation“ checkbox and you choose the “Synchronize to Grade Book“ option, you will need to set attempts as marked in the “Grade Quiz“ page for the attempt scores to push to grades.


Additional Options

Select any other options on this page that meet your needs, including how many “Attempts“ are allowed on this quiz or exam. The default is one attempt.


Click the Submission Views tab.

*Note: By default, Brightspace does NOT show students details about the questions they got right or wrong after the quiz is graded.

The “Default View“ is what will be released to students immediately after they submit their quiz.

The “Additional View“ is what will be released to students at a certain time determined by the instructor.

*Note: If you want more information about the different types of question details that can be visible to students, click the question mark icon.


Click the Save and Close button.

Types of Quiz & Exam Questions

  • True or False (T/F): create true or false questions
  • Multiple Choice (M/C): create multiple choice quiz questions.
  • Multi-Select (M-S): Students select more than one correct answer.
  • Written Response (WR): Require a response of a paragraph (or more)
  • Short Answer (SA): Require a response of a word to a few sentences.
  • Multi-Short Answer (MSA): Require a response of more than one word or sentence
  • Fill in the Blanks (FIB): create questions with one or more blanks to fill in
  • Matching (MAT): create equal or unequal lists of items to match to one another
  • Ordering (ORD): create a question that requires putting steps in order
  • Arithmetic (2+2): create questions with random numeric variables.
  • Significant Figures (x10): Students are able to enter their answers in scientific notation.


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