Grading Tools in Brightspace

Brightspace offers built-in Annotations Tools in Assignment to assess submission with in-line feedback with free hand drawing, highlighting, text and note annotation. This allows you to assess submissions directly in Assignments, without using external tools like Turnitin. 

In-line Grading

After accessing your course, in the Navigation bar, select Assignments


1. Click on the desired assignment.

click on assignment name

2. Click on a 1. Submission, then 2. click on the file to open submission in the grading area.

3. Use the Inline Grading tools to annotate your students' submissions

inline grading tools

Marking the Submission: 

  • Use the magnifying glass icons to adjust size on your screen.
  • Use the pen icon to highlight or mark on the submission.
  • Use the note icon to leave comments on the submission. Notice you can move the comment bubble once you post it on the submission to exactly where the student should read it.
  • Use the textbox icon to write comments directly on the submission. Use this for shorter comments. Use the note icon for longer comments.
  • Use the line icon for shapes or diagrams on the submission.
  • The print icon will print the notes you made as the first page followed by the submission with your markings.
  • Use the search icon on the far right to find something on the submission.
  • Use the download button to download the submission with the markings.

Click Save Draft at the lower right if you are not finished and do not want to release to the student yet.

Click Publish at the lower right if you are finished and want to release your feedback to the student.

After you finish, use the Next Student indicator at the top to mark the next assignment.

Evaluation and Feedback 

On the right hand side you will see the feedback panel. This panel will allow you to privately communicate FERPA-sensitive grade information with your student.

You can:

  • Attach and use a rubric. Click to expand the rubric and grade by criterion.
  • Assign a grade. Enter manually, or if you are using an rubric this is automatic entered.
  • Add text. Add images and other things with the insert stuff button in the feedback text box.
  • Upload a feedback file. This can be a graded copy of the submission, instructor notes, or another file. 
  • Add video or audio feedback. This feature is useful when you want to communicate more personally with your students or accurately convey tone. You can record one minute of audio or three minutes of video.


Brightspace has a video tutorial: Assignments - Grade Submissions in Assignments - Instructor

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