Manual Grade Entry on Non-Submitted Assignments

You may find that you have in-class assignments that are not collected through Brightspace, you can create a grade center column so students can see their grades all in one place. 

Create A Grade Item From The Grade Book

1. From the course navigation bar, click Grades.


2. From the grade book navigation bar, click Manage Gradesclick New, and select Item from the drop-down.

3. The New Item screen will appear. Here, you can choose what type of grade item you want to create:

  • Numeric grades are point-based
  • Select box allows you to grade based on level of achievement
  • Pass/Fail uses a simple pass/fail grade schemes
  • Formula allows you to grade based on an Excel-like formula
  • Calculated grades sum achievements across multiple grade items
  • Text allows you to enter text-only comments

Enter Grades From The Grade Book

1. From the grade book navigation bar, click Enter Grades.

2. Click the drop-down icon to the right of the Assignment/column name and select Enter Grades from the drop-down.


3. Click within the grade box corresponding to the student and enter a grade When more than one student is enrolled, you can press enter to move to the next student and enter grades in succession.

enter grade

4. To enter feedback for a student, click the pencil icon within the feedback box. In the Grade Feedback window, enter your comments.  You can also add Private Comments for other graders.  Click Save when finished. 


enter feedback to student

5. When you are finished entering grades and feedback, click Save and CloseSelect Yes when prompted to save changes and continue.


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