Traveling with Duo


Study Abroad Students

We will be working with you and the International Programs office to ensure your access to myRedDragon is uninterrupted during your travels. Keep an eye out for special instructions regarding Duo.

International Students

International Students will be required to enroll in Duo. When they depart from SUNY Cortland, Duo will be removed from their accounts.

Other Travel

If you are travelling outside of the United States and know you will need to sign into myRedDragon or check your SUNY Cortland email, we recommend contacting The Help Center to make the necessary preparations. 



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Fri 1/29/21 2:45 PM
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SUNY Cortland uses a two-factor authentication solution called Duo to help protect your SUNY Cortland account. Your first factor of authentication is your username and password. Your second factor is Duo. Duo prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.