ReadSpeaker for Learner/Student

ReadSpeaker for Learner/Student

Brightspace users have access to new screen reader tools to further support accessibility, academic accommodations and reading comprehension. ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech application that is fully integrated and available to everyone in Brightspace. It can be used to read aloud content while in a course or to download content to listen to offline.

* All instructional videos are from ReadSpeaker Solutions: Speech Production YouTube Channel.

How to access ReadSpeaker

  • docReader – Read documents including Microsoft Office products (e.g., Word, Excel, PPT) and PDF.)

Open the document, select the dropdown arrow after the title, and select Open with docReader

Open with docReader

Select Listen

docReader control panel: Listen

  • webReader – Read HTML course content including quizzes and assignments (e.g., Web pages)

Open the Web page

web page​​​​​​​

select listen


ReadSpeaker Control Panel

ReadSpeaker Control Panel

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