Quick Eval

Quick Eval aggregates all assignments that need to be evaluated. Instead of going to each assignment, quiz, or discussion, Quick Eval allows you to access all activities that need to be graded in a single place. You choose whether you want to see one course's activities or all your active courses at once. 

An Overview of Quick Eval

Quick Eval is located on your main Brightspace dashboard (not within a specific course). You can view activity by Submissions or Activities.

Submissions – An exhaustive list of everything that needs to be graded. You can sort by student name, activity name, course, or date by clicking the top headings. This is good for looking up a specific student’s work.

Activities – A list of courses with their corresponding activities. This is useful for evaluating all work for a specific assignment, quiz, or discussion.

Use filters to see only the results you need.

  1. Click on the filter button to open the filter options.
  2. To filter only on a specific Activity, Course or Date, click the preferred option at the top of the Filter By box.


If you are in a course and want to see all courses there is no need to go back to the Brightspace dashboard.  You can access multiple course evals by choose the more icon (...) and Multi-Course Quick Eval.

Quick Eval FAQ's

How do I access the Quick Eval tool?

Quick Eval can be found on the homepage of Brightspace in the navbar at the top.

You can also add Quick Eval to the navbar in a specific course. This guide will show you how to edit your course navbar.

You can also access Quick Eval in your course by choosing Course Tools > Admin and Quick Eval. If you want to switch to all courses click on the the more icon and choose Multi-Course Quick Eval. 


I can’t find the submissions from a specific course in Quick Eval. Why aren’t they appearing?

Quick Eval only displays submissions for courses which are active and currently within their start and end dates.  At Cortland it is up to the instructor to make their course active/inactive.  If the list is too long and showing old courses go ahead and make your old course inactive.

Will submissions to LTI activities (Perusall, Gradescope, etc) show up in Quick Eval?

Quick Eval only displays submissions to quizzes, assignments, and discussions made within Brightspace.

What are the criteria for displaying assignment submissions in Quick Eval?

Submission Type: All assignment submission types are listed in Quick Eval except for assignments with the Automatically on Evaluation completion type.

Evaluation status: Unpublished feedback

What are the criteria for displaying quiz attempts in Quick Eval?

Quiz Setup: Quiz attempts with assessments that are not set up for auto-grading, and require an evaluator to provide feedback.

Evaluation status: Ungraded quiz attempts

What are the criteria for displaying discussion posts and replies in Quick Eval?

Discussion topic setup: Discussion topics with Assessments

Evaluation status: Unpublished Feedback

Moderated Discussion posts must be released for them to show up in Quick Eval.

Are grade items listed in Quick Eval?

Quick Eval does not list grade items. Quick Eval only lists activities from Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions that have learner submissions.

Are SCORM objects or LTI activities listed in Quick Eval?

Quick Eval does not list SCORM objects and LTI activities like Bongo video assignments.

What is the default size of the Quick Eval list?

The Quick Eval list shows 20 unevaluated learner submissions. Users can click on Load More to see more items.

Are group assignments listed in Quick Eval?

Group assignments are not listed in Quick Eval.

Can I filter the Quick Eval list by section?

Quick Eval cannot be filtered by section in merged courses.

Can I evaluate Anonymously using Quick Eval?

Assignments created with the Hide student names during assessment option selected display Anonymous User in place of the user’s first and last name.

How can I dismiss an Assignment, Quiz, or Discussion topic so it does not appear in Quick Eval?

Under View By, select Activities

Hover over the activity you’d like to dismiss, then select More Actions -> Dismiss Until

 Choose when you’d like the activity to reappear, or choose Forever if you’d like to dismiss it permanently. From here, choose Dismiss Activity

How can I restore an activity I’ve dismissed from Quick Eval?

In the top right of the Quick Eval page, select the elipses. In the menu that appears, choose Dismissed Activities

Select the checkbox next to the activity name, then choose Restore



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