Teams - Moving Non-academic Orgs

With the switch to the D2L/Brightspace learning management system, non-academic Blackboard organizations will now be created as teams in Microsoft Teams.


The Teams app is designed to make collaboration easier for groups of people who work closely. It is a way to bring many different parts of Microsoft Office 365 together, with users able to access many different apps easily, and to store and share files. When working in Teams you can work individually or in a ‘team’ or connected group of people.

The Teams app also has the capability for people to create teams, or groups of people, on campus and off, who can chat, share files, and work collaboratively.


Move An Existing Org to a Team

  1. Download all the materials from your Blackboard org
    1. Open the org
    2. Expand the Content Collection
    3. Select the org number to view all the contents
      Org number
    4. Check the box to the left of File Type to select all the org contents
    5. Choose Download Package
      Select and download buttons


  1. Create a team in Microsoft Teams
  2. Create appropriate channels and tabs in the team
  3. Upload the files from Blackboard to the appropriate channels/tabs
  4. Invite people to the team, either using their name, email address, or sending a code for them to use to join.


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Microsoft Teams is a communication platform and part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. It allows for video calling, chat, and collaboration.