Teams - Channels and Tabs


Every team will automatically be created with a General channel. This channel will always be at the top of the channel list and the name cannot be changed. You will probably want to add additional channels. Each channel will automatically contain a Posts tab an a Files tab.


Add a new channel

  1. Open the team that you created
  2. Select the More options (…) button next to the team name.
  3. Choose Add Channel, You can also click Manage team and add a channel in the Channels tab.

More options menu

  1. Give the channel a descriptive name to make it easier for users to understand the purpose of the channel.
  2. Choose whether to make the channel available to all members of the team (Standard) or only to a selection of team members (Private)
  3. Check the box to show the channel in everyone’s channel list.
    Private channels will only be viewable by those in the channel

Channel options




Tabs allow team members to access services and content in a dedicated space within a channel or in a chat. This lets the team work directly with tools and data, and have conversations about the tools and data, all within the context of the channel or chat.

All channels, by default, have a Posts and a Files tab. Some types of teams have additional default tabs on the General channel, but every added channel only contains the Posts and Files tabs.

The Posts tab is used for chat amongst team members. All team members can see everything posted on the Posts tab in any channel they have access to.

The Files tab is where files shared by the team are stored. Files can be directly uploaded to the Files tab, or if they are shared in the Posts tab, they will be stored in the Files tab as well.


Add a tab to a channel

  1. Select the plus sign next to the Files tab

Plus sign to add a tab

  1. From the Add a tab dialog box select the tab you’d like to add

List of available tabs

  1. Name the tab
  2. The tab will then be visible in the tab list

Added tab

  1. To rename or remove a tab, select the down arrow net to the tab name and choose Remove

Tab options menu



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