Teams - Add a “Chat with Me” link to your Email Signature

Adding a “Chat with me in Teams” link in you Outlook Signature (or anywhere else) is easy to do. All you have to know is the link.


In Outlook:


  1. Select the New Email button
  2. Select the Insert tab in the new email window
  3. Choose Signature
    New Message window Insert tab
  4. The Signatures and Stationery window will open. Select the New button
    Signature and stationery dialog box
  5. Type a name for the new signature in the New Signature window and click OK
    New Signature window
  6. Now in the Signature and stationery window select the hyperlink button
    Signature and stationery window
  7. In the hyperlink dialog box that opens (A) enter the text you would like to see in the Text to Display field and (B) in the address field enter the link below – substituting your Cortland email address for <youremailaddress><youremailaddress>

For example:
Insert hyperlink dialog box

Then select OK.

  1. Use the Insert Picture button to add a Teams logo if you would like
    Teams logo
  2. In the Choose default signature section choose when you would like your signature to appear, on new messages or on replies. If you have more than one signature you can choose a different one for new messages and for replies.
    Signatures and stationery window





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