Brightspace Tips (Quizzes, Assignments & Discussions)

Quizzes: Best Practices

Before the Quiz

  • Be sure you are in a space that you can comfortably take the test in the time allowed.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 

During the Quiz

  • After you start a quiz, the timer will continue even if you exit the quiz.
  • Save your response after each question. (An icon for the question number should change to blue to indicate you saved successfully.)
  • On quizzes with multiple pages, switching pages will save all selected answers just like hitting the save all button.
  • After every finished page, save all responses on the page.
  • If you are writing an essay or a long response, write it in a word processor like MS Word, Google Docs, Notepad, etc. then copy and paste into the quiz and save the response.
  • If your answers are not saving, it’s likely that you have been timed out of D2L. You will want to re-access the quiz again and ensure that answers are saving before you continue.

Assignments: Best Practices

If you have problems uploading an assignment, try these steps.

  • Your file may not upload or work correctly if it was made in OpenOffice or Pages, due to the file format.
  • Make sure the name of the file does not contain any special characters.

        WRONG: Myfile!rox@stuff16-this is my lastname_$45/

  • This name is too long
  • Has special characters
  • Has spaces

        RIGHT: filename-lastname.pdf

  • Brief file name and your last name are best
  • Short and no special characters

Discussion and Email: Best Practices 

If the system times out while creating a discussion forum post, or a long answer for a quiz, you could lose all that you typed and will have to start over.

  • For any post longer than a few sentences, use a word processor like Notepad (Windows), TextEdit (Mac), MS Word (Windows & Mac) or Google Docs to write the post.
  • This will give you more control over formatting, allow you to save often, as well as spell check the document.
  • You can then copy and paste the contents of your document into the D2L discussion, email, or quiz.


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