Monitoring Class Progress

Monitoring Class Progress

It’s important to stay on top of all of your coursework and assignments in a timely fashion. For that reason, Brightspace has a tool that allows you to monitor your progress in each class, to help you keep track of what you’ve completed, due dates, and information on upcoming assignments.

The Class Progress tool helps track your progress in a course by measuring the completion of different progress indicators. You may want to use the Class Progress tool to keep track of your course-specific assignments and feedback. Instructors can use the Class Progress tool to track your overall progress in the course and prepare progress reports.

This tutorial should help you with the following..

  1. How to Find the Course Progress Tool
  2. View Your Course Progress

How to Find the Class Progress Tool

From the navbar, click Class Progress.

Progress reports are available for the following progress indicators: SummaryGradesStandardsObjectivesContentDiscussionsAssignmentsQuizzesChecklistSurveysLogin History, and System Access History.

Note: Based on your organization's settings, the Standards tab may have a different label, for example, Learning Outcomes. In addition, some of the tabs may not display.

View your Class Progress

From the navbar, click Class Progress.

The Summary tab displays.

To view details of your progress within each category, click the Expand icon. For example, the Grades area displays all graded items and their feedback in the course. To view graded rubrics and feedback, click Feedback.

Note: This assessment information applies to other categories in Class Progress such as DiscussionsAssignments and Quizzes, making all of your grades and feedback accessible from one location.

Other tabs in the Class Progress tool display more detailed information about your progress. For example, the Content tab displays your progress in content. Each module has a progress bar that displays your completion level. You can expand each module to see which topics you have and haven't completed.




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