Creating an Assignment

Watch a video on Creating Assignments in Brightspace 

Create an Assignment

After accessing Brightspace, select your course

1. From  the Course Navigation Bar, click Assignments

Course Navigation bar Assignments

2.Select New Assignment

New Assignment

3. Enter a name for your assignment.

4. If the assignment will be graded, click within the Grade out Of text box and enter the point  value of the assignment. An In Grade Book field will appear, indicating a grade item will be created for this assignment in the Grade Book.

Insert grade

5. Optionally, click the In Grade Book drop-down and select:

  • Edit or link to existing to create a new grade item and select the grade category to which it belongs, or to link the assignment to an existing grade item.
  • Not in Grade Book to create an assignment with a point value, but that will not be included in the grade book.
  • Reset to Ungraded to remove all scoring.

In Grade Book

6. Click with the Due Date field to establish a due date for the assignment. 

Due Date

7. Add any instructions and/or attach any supplemental files, i.e attachments, images, links, record your audio or video instructions. (Click on more (...) for more text editing options.)

8. Turn on Visibility of the Assignment (it is OFF by Default)

visibility, text editor, audio, video options

9. Set Availability Dates and Conditions, Submission & Completion, Evaluation & Feedback if needed.

set availability dates

9. Save and Close

Save and close




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