Extra time on Assignments

The reasons for allowing students extra time on assignments are unlimited.  Brightspace has a Special Access feature to allow for extended or alternative time.

Log in to your Course

Choose Course Tools from the course navigation bar and select Assignments from the Navigation (Nav) bar.

nav bar

Find the assignment that you wish to provide learner(s) with extended time for. Click the drop-down to the right of the assignment name and select Edit Assignment.

edit assignments

In the right panel, click Availability Dates & Conditions to expand the settings.

availability dates

Choose Manage Special Access.

manage special access

Click Add Users to Special Access.

select users for special access

PLEASE NOTE: The Special Access window opens.  Here you can change the due date, start date, or end date for specific users to meet accommodation needs.  Options not changed on this page will match the settings for other learners on this assignment.


After setting the special access properties to be granted on this assignment, scroll down to UsersCheck the box next to the name of the learner or learners who are being granted special access.

select users


PLEASE NOTE:  If you do a search to find the student, check the box next to their name and then go back to again set the special access properties.  Doing a search removes the settings.

Click the Save button below the list of users to save your changes.



Click Save and Close.

save and close​​​​​​​


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