Local Administrator Rights for User Endpoints

SUNY Cortland adopted the principle of least privilege in March 2023. This is critical to maintaining information security at SUNY Cortland. Least privilege is the practice of limiting user access rights to the minimum permissions needed to perform your work. Your account will only be granted administrative or elevated privileges as needed. Using your computer with full-time administrative access increases the risk to our institution. The principle of least privilege reduces the amount of time your account is elevated and helps to prevent your account from being exploited by a hacker or Malware while completing your everyday tasks. 

Information Resources regularly pushes common software updates to your computer to minimize the time you have to spend dealing with software update prompts. 

Information Resources is aware that the need for administrative rights will justifiably arise from time to time. To gain temporary administrative or elevated privileges - you will need to use a tool called Make Me Admin. This tool will only be available for your use on your assigned SUNY Cortland computer and should only be used in compliance with Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy. Look to the right in the Related Articles section for knowledge base articles detailing how to use Make Me Admin.

All new software should be requested through the Hardware/Software Request System and will be installed by Campus Technology Services. 

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