How to use Make Me Admin - Windows

If you are trying to perform an action that requires elevation on your Windows computer you will see a pop up like this:
user account control window asking for username and password

If you enter your credentials and red text appears that says "The Requested Operation Requires Elevation" then you are not an admin on the computer.

You can grant yourself temporary administrative rights using Make Me Admin.

  1. Hit the Start Button and scroll through your installed apps until you find Make Me Admin
    start menu scrolled to the M section with make me admin circled
  2. The Make Me Admin program will pop up, hit the button labeled Grant Me Administrator Rights
    make me admin window there is a button labeled grant me administrator tights
  3. A popup will appear indicating that you now have administrative rights. These rights will last for 20 minutes.
    a pop up that says you are now a member of the administrators group
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