How to use Make Me Admin - Mac

If you are trying to perform an action that requires elevation on your Mac you will see a pop up like this:
system preferences pop up on mac saying it needs admin access

If you enter your credentials and the pop up shakes horizontally then it means you are not an administrator.

You can grant yourself temporary administrative rights using Make Me Admin.

  1. Open Finder, select Applications, then scroll to Self Service
    finder with self servcie highlighted
  2. You will see a Make Me Admin app. Click Install
    self service menu, make me admin is an option and it has an install button
  3. The Make Me Admin application installation process will begin
    make me admin with a progress bar under it
  4. Once the installation is complete, you will see this pop up. Click 'Make Me An Admin' and you will have the ability to use your user name and password to provide elevation to whatever application was requesting it
    make me admin pop up indicating you have rights


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SUNY Cortland adopted the principle of least privilegeĀ in March 2023. Least privilege means that while completing everyday tasks on your assigned SUNY Cortland computer, your account will only have the minimal credentials needed to complete those tasks. Your account will only be granted administrative or elevated privileges as needed.