Updating Faculty Websites Using WordPress

Logging Into Your WordPress Website

  • Login here: https://faculty.cortland.edu/wp-login.php
  • Your username should be the same as your campus UserID (for example, robert.smith)
    • note: you can also use your Cortland email address
  • Your password is not necessarily the same as your campus (myRedDragon) password as your WordPress password is maintained separately.
    • You can reset your WordPress password by using the "Lost your password?" link on the login screen. 

Updating Your WordPress Website

Updating a WordPress site is fairly easy once users become familiar with the interface. Most WordPress websites created at SUNY Cortland for faculty include a number of standard starter pages to help get your site started more quickly. To begin updating your site go to the Pages link in the navigation menu and click on a page listed to edit it or create a new page by using the "Add New" button. 

Use the WYSIWYG formatting tool to make updates to your content and then easily publish your changes by using the "Publish" button typically in the right hand column. Use the "Add Media" button to add images to your page content. You can also use it to add documents like PDFs. 

If you need to make changes to what links/pages are available in your navigation menu go to, Appearance > Menus.

WordPress Editing Window

Tutorial Video

This basic tutorial video should serve as a guide to get you started or as a refresher. 

WordPress Tutorial Video

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